Best Female Killer, Ever

When you watch In Her Skin, it becomes painfully clear that Hollywood has abandoned the craft of acting in favor of special effects and lots of blood, guts, and gore. This unknown independent film tells the true story of the brutal murder of Rachel Barber, a 15-year-old Australian girl with a promising future in dance, and her former babysitter, a young woman tortured by the demons of mental illness.

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Cloud Atlas or a Nap? Pick the Nap.

I'm not a Tom Hanks fan. I didn't like him in Bosom Buddies, a tortured 1980s sitcom about two men who dress as women in order to get an apartment in a women's only building. As bad as Bosom Buddies was, compared to Cloud Atlas, Hollywood's latest existential bore fest, it is still the hands-down winner.

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Raw and Unchained

This is a book review that almost didn’t get written—not because the book isn’t worthy, but because it’s raw—painfully so.  If you’re considering reading Dying in Indian Country, it comes with both my heartfelt recommendation and my severest warning.

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Kindle: It's Not Just for City Folks Anymre

 I’ve got good news. There’s a cure for Amercanitis, that uniquely American malady born from an abundance of ingenuity and worry. When it all starts to melt together—how much we’ve spent, how much we’ve earned, how much we’ve saved—we develop a bad case of Americanits.

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Best Movie Quotes Ever

  • From The Devil Wears Prada

    "Details of your incompetence do not interest me."

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  • From The Dead Poet's Society

    "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

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  • From The Wizard Of Oz

    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

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