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I’m a problem solver. It’s not my fault. I was born this way. My earliest memories are of painted wooden blocks stacked impossibly high and toothpick bridges suspended precariously between two coffee cups. Even today, when I see something in my head, I feel a need to bring it to life in the physical dimension, and the easiest way to bring an idea to life is to share it with someone else. Which probably explains my attraction to the digital world and the field of communication, because in addition to being a problem solver, I’m also a writer from birth.

I was blessed, and teachers who could help me build my skills were with me all along the way, and I expect there are many more to come. I wrote about one of my teachers, Mrs. Ford, in a piece published by Countryside magazine, where I have been a long-time assisting editor and contributing writer. The piece, titled “The Naked Scarecrow,” remains a reader favorite. Another article published in Countryside, titled “Confessions of the world’s worst parent,” was featured in the 2011 college textbook Acting on Words: An Integrated Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook, by David Brundage and Michael Lahey. I’m also the author of As You Were: Child Sex Abuse in the Military, a Survivor’s  Story, which details the dark culture of sex abuse in the most powerful military in the world.

I was  blessed to born at the dawn of this digital age. If it weren’t for the advances in communication, I would have been severely limited in the scope of what I could achieve in a lifetime. A few years ago, on a whim, I did an internet search for “online law school,” and there it was—Concord Law School. The rest is history. If you think that going to law school in cyber space is easier than going to a brick-and-mortar law school, let me be the first to correct you. It was grueling. It was difficult. It nearly got the best of me more than once, but it was worth it. I graduated in 2014 with a juris doctor.

My studies at Concord lead me to focus on Intellectual Property and Cyber Law. It’s at the intersection of these two areas where emerging law and policy light those problem-solving fires that I’ve been aware of since I can remember. I belong here—at this precise point in space and time, in this place where ideas are easily birthed and given form through the language of code and law. If you need a professional website or content, have a look at my resume and add me to your list of contacts. I’m happy to spend some time listening to your ideas and developing ways to help you succeed in cyber space. If you have an existing website, I can provide you with a complete audit that addresses the coding vulnerabilities and craft site-specific notices required by law. You can contact me via email at jerri.l.cook@gmail.com, or call 715.257.4363.


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