Open Letter to the Rib Lake Town Board

| September 29, 2016

September 26, 2016 Dear Neighbor, Enclosed please find an Open Letter to the Rib Lake Town Board concerning the impending vote to open all township roads to mass, unrestrained ATV use. Your property value and your quality of life could be adversely impacted by this decision. I hope you will either attend the October 12, […]

End the Prolonged Election Cycle

| August 3, 2016

The American Public is frustrated. It’s bad enough that since the latter part of the twentieth century, we’ve been bombarded every election cycle with non-stop television and radio coverage of national politics. Now we have to endure the vitriol of millions of zealots on social media, who have lost their identity to a political or […]

Preventing Voter Fraud in Rural America

| November 4, 2014

UPDATE: I received the following statement from the Rusk County Republicans on this matter: Thank you for contacting me regarding this, Jerri. I forwarded your concern on to a special hotline set up to report voter fraud. It is on file in case more becomes of the issue. I am glad to hear you did […]

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